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What Is TEANJ?

The Technology Educators Association of New Jersey is a membership organization of educational professionals who are highly motivated and involved in the development of design and technology education programs in New Jersey.


The TEANJ Goal

The Technology Educators Association of New Jersey is dedicated to the interests of technology education and of the individuals and groups associated with this field of education within the state of New Jersey. Its goal is to foster and promote technology education in the state of New Jersey through a program of education both within and outside of the profession. It will provide the means through which technology education can be approached, studied, and presented on a unified statewide level. TEANJ will provide assistance in establishing technology education programs.


Who Joins TEANJ?

Professionals like you, teachers, supervisors, administrators, industrial leaders, and college students who understand the need for all students to experience design and technology programs.


Membership Benefits


Your Link to Design and Technology

Our award-winning newsletter provides example activities, association news, program highlights, vendor information, grant and contest opportunities, and an editorial section.


Annual State Conference

A Day and a Half Each Spring

Our annual conference showcases New Jersey’s top technology teachers, students, programs, and vendors through exciting exhibits and workshops. The conference provides a great opportunity for professionals to network and discuss issues facing the profession.


Professional Development

Workshops Provide Valuable In-Service Training

Sponsored and endorsed by TEANJ, exciting professional development workshops are held throughout the state several times each year. TEANJ has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Education as a professional development provider #243.


Demonstration Sites

Exemplary K-12 Programs State-wide

TEANJ has identified several exemplary technology programs throughout the state and lists their contact information in Interface and on the TEANJ website.


On Curriculum, Assessment, and Teaching

TEANJ provides teachers, supervisors, and administrators with valuable information in the areas of curriculum, program assessment, and teaching pedagogy at minimal or no cost to its members.


Professional Recognition

Excellence Awards

TEANJ recognizes program and teacher excellence at the elementary, middle, and high school levels annually. Outstanding college students, supervisors, and administrators are also recognized each year.


Job Placement Service

For Potential Employees and Employers

Through Interface and the organization website, TEANJ helps both job seekers and potential employers connect in the design and technology field.



Within the State and Internationally

TEANJ is known internationally as a leader in design and technology education. Our connection with the International Technology Education Association provides us with representation in Washington, D.C. TEANJ is also an affiliate of the New Jersey Education Association.

Membership Application



“Education for Innovation”

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