Assessing Technology Education Programs was developed by TEANJ to assist teachers and administrators in identifying key features and practices in effective technology programs. Over 100 features of effective and non-effective technology education programs are identified in easy to read charts. The document can be used individually or as a departmental tool.

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"This publication is an essential guide for all technology teachers, supervisors, and administrators who want to evaluate, understand, and improve their technology education curriculum and department. It provides all the information needed to critically look at what's going on in your department or classroom..." Ed Denton, Washington Township Technology Education Supervisor  The quality of teaching reflects the quality of teachers' knowledge and understanding of the subject, the identification of the purpose of the lessons and the means to achieve good quality outcomes. The quality of learning relies on how the knowledge and understanding of technology and design are transmitted, received and translated into practice Ethos is the distinctive character and atmosphere which typifies a Technology Department and reflects the extent to which all students are enabled to become confident and responsible in solving real life problems, striving for creative solutions, independent learning, product excellence and social consciousness.  Teaching and learning are supported and enhanced by efficient and effective management arrangements... At their best, these arrangements ensure that the contribution of each member of the staff is valued and the morale of the department is high. Further, all students will gain benefit from having available within the department, a range of resources, including human and material.


“Education for Innovation”

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